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This song has been stuck in my head all day !!! It’s no use how many times I listen to it. Brave Sound songs are too catchy D; Especially Mina’s part keeps replaying in my head. Seriously AOA what are you doing to me? It’s weird bc Primary’s song “Don’t be shy” was also stuck in my head for a few days straight..

pictures of updos for short hair   pictures of updos for short hair

Gook Ju: You should bring me something to eat, too ! Like a pizza or a hamburger !!! Hyejeong: Hey ! What !? Gook Ju: Get it ! Get it ! Hyejeong: Get it yourself !! Gook Ju: What, what, what ?!

just stumbled across this group why have they never been seen i UK they would be a breath of freash air, fresh refreshing sound that makes you feel great when listening to them, dont understand what they sing about but as music is universal it dont matter just makes ya wanna get up and dance

pictures of updos for short hair   pictures of updos for short hair

+iggy iggy they have been in kcon 2015 los angeles and kcon 2015 new york so good luck to british anytime soon! Very lucky group

Do they always play the music for their songs? I know about the songs where they have AOA black. But what about the ones that don’t?

+Gabriel Watchman Unfortunately no… It’s only AoA black who plays the music for the songs… so If the MV is just AoA… The vocals are theirs yes but not the accompaniment…

pictures of updos for short hair   pictures of updos for short hair

I don’t like aoa and their dirty pervert dances, they making that dances for money and for guys! what a shame!!!.. actually they don’t know to sing song.. they just making useless dances… T.T.. I love Korea but Korean girls song groups really sometimes so dirty I just ignore them. ( from Turkey )

+Audrey Christina You should’ve said to your friends: Wouldn’t you shake that I mean only if you’d have it.
And also I dunno why that was the main thing they noticed. I mean yea there is a “but shake” in most of them but no one noticed that they’re great dancers AND singers AAAND making the musing themselves? I mean Damn!

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