hair extensions for short hair

Again, a shallow comment. Hair doesnt only define one’s beauty. Yeah to some, hair is very important and can help shape one’s look, but in no means define a

person’s beauty or look. And don’t act like youre above people cause you “understand” hair. You come off conceited

Oh look at you, angry at men because you think you got fucked against your will. Maybe you did, still, you amuse me. You came out, destroyed, empty, hollow,

angry, afraid. Warn me? No darling, you don’t warn people like me. Your threats mean nothing, especially here, in this place. The queen wanted to sever a

mans head, Alice looked upon the queens bed, there lay a man, fucking the queens soul, and for ever thrust the queen got less and less, until the queen was

no more. You’re weak.

hair extensions for short hair   hair extensions for short hair

Thanks fuckwit. I really could not care less about what you “think”. And Africa is not a country you ignorant “Bum”, it refers collectively to a continent

where the majority of nations are poverty stricken and war torn. Thanks for making my day, I love it when fat fucks from the UK become upset over something

that someone anonymously wrote over the internet. Take your insecurities somewhere else please.

When I was in sixth grade I got a buzz cut in order to challenge gender stereo types. I didn’t get a damn dime for it. I did learn to value myself for who I

am and not what I look like, though. 

hair extensions for short hair   hair extensions for short hair

Welllll, apologies for the smart ass response.
My best guess would be, it’s because most women believe people see the most important attribute to a woman being a woman is a her hair, thus losing it makes

them either feel less woman or less beautiful. I mean, it’s something they grew up with and with women always taking pride in their hair so it’s kind of

implanted in their mind “hair = beauty.”
So I’m guessing this is the thing with most but not all women. 

Well i think if you never had long hair, any statement you make is more or less invalid in this case. Because some people get attached to something they

have been taking care of for years of their life, and something that was always there. I’m a guy with long hair, i can make a really nice pony tail with it,

and if i had to cut it i would be pissed off because it takes nerves and effort to grow it back in between the stadium when its too long but you can’t tie it

up. So yeah props to her

hair extensions for short hair   hair extensions for short hair

Insecurities? Wow, way to analyze me. You’re the one who made the the stupid remark in the first place. Thanks for correcting me on the continent thing, my

slip up, I’ll admit. But, really? If you have such a problem with people correcting you over, as you said, the internet, maybe you should have a long think

about who really has the insecurities, instead of trying to idiotically shout down, like you said again, someone anonymous. Oh and Derek Bum is a joke name,

dumb-ass. Pick a better insult.

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