hairdos for short hair

I’m not sure. You should try it and tell us what happens!

all guys as unaccepting and judgmental when that is untrue, she blames the reason for it being terrifying for girls to have their hair cut off because of

guys but I don’t believe that is the case, i’d also like to inform you two that people don’t exactly see boys with long hair attractive either, but I still

will grow my hair out as long as I want in the winter because I like it that way and I give zero shits if girls like it or not because i’m comfortable with

myself the way I am.

hairdos for short hair   hairdos for short hair

I have to disagree with you, I don’t think I have been vile in our conversation, I for one think I’ve been very polite to you in our reason skirmish, if

possible please point out the points where I’ve been vile in our conversation, and also I am not misogynistic, I have nothing against women and I believe I

have pointed this out to you numerous times but I will do it again, the reason behind my original comment was to shame someone who was being sexist of the

male population stereotyping-

yes, i am putting you down because despite your little life experience, you still manage to be a vile misogynistic person, it’s very sad

hairdos for short hair   hairdos for short hair

i understand being a guy with long hair. but seriously bitch needs to not cry cuz this isnt that bad, i mean she has a 50/50 chance of winning 25k. tottally

worth it to try even if u dont win. its just hair.

god with 25 grand you wouldnt buy a wig. You would buy a clone

Never mind, I see you have no intention of reading any of my comments judging from your last statement claiming I was trying to shut her up and that I was

saying that her opinion meant less because she is a girl, I explained this in my other comments that this is not the case, I am sorry for the way you

interpreted my comments but I can assure you that was not how it was meant to be interpreted and sorry if it seemed that way but otherwise if you wont listen

we are done here, I suggest rereading

hairdos for short hair   hairdos for short hair

when did I say there is something wrong with that and no i am not five years old, if you would care to inspect the last four characters of my username you

would see that they are 1998, one would assume that would stand for a date of birth, well it does! if you would care to do the math and work out 2012-1998

you should get 14, so it can be assumed that I am 14 years old… I am not sure how you reached the number 5 out of that…

she was actually a damn good trooper about it. America’s next top model those bitches shit bricks and they are actually styling their hair to make them look


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