Hairstyles for long thick hair

kalieghbrown say:
When you put in your extentions is it just the two you showed or more? Do you place them at the bottom or middle of your head? When I try looks like these I feel like my extensions always show :( my hair isn’t thick but it’s not super thin. 

Anne Sofie Hoel say:
Woow so beautiful :) Are you Italian +Lilith Moon ? I would like you to do my hair for my wedding.

hairstyles for long thick hair   hairstyles for long thick hair

Scout Lucky say:
This is great and these are the best versions of these looks on the internet but the accent makes it difficult to follow.

Snoo zer say:
half up do and side swept braid! The Elsa updo was the best version i have seen yet!

hairstyles for long thick hair   hairstyles for long thick hair

Angelina Gazova say:
hey lilith moon do you got kids or boyfriend nase to meet you 

Özlem Isci say:
the second one was so quick it blew my mind I’m gonna do it tomorrow hopefully when my hair cooperates with me >. < thank you so muck for this video it's exactly what I needed now that I have exams. x3Haha say: +Özlem Isci I'm so there with you! I'm going through final exams too. I can't wait to be done ;____; In the meantime, I've been in sweats with hair up all week lol. Good luck on your finals!! hairstyles for long thick hair   hairstyles for long thick hair

MistressWe say:
Isci omg you’re so right, blew my mind too. I just did it, it looks pretty elvish and i love it. New favourite hairstyle.

E V O R I say:
Literally your hair tutorials are the only ones that just work with my hair. When I choose to use one, I do one of your overnight curl tutorials for the curliness and do it up the next day. By the way, maybe a new heartless curl before holidays so I can pick some of your looks for visiting the endless family I have to see for Christmas? Haha!!

x3Haha say:
I’m so honored to hear that! :’D Hehe I have a few more heatless curling methods to experiment with after finals. Can’t wait to share more with you. ^_____^ Talking about the holiday season makes me so cozy inside. I can’t wait for winter break ahhh!! <3

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