medium length hair styles for women

Ikr, i tried sleeping with my hair in a bun a lot of times since it’s so long. too bad, my hair gets easily tangled so it still gets ruined.?

Because the hair is all in a ball, the come and know up, my parents told me :D?

okay here is a stupid question I’m sure everyone knows how to do but me. How do you do the hairstyle Luzy Hair has when she’s “waking up” in the morning in this video? How do you have the front part of your hair wing back (my main question), & volumeized and slightly curly all over??

I love all your tutorials but most of them don’t work on my hair because I have shorter hair. Can you do hair tutorials for shorter hair??

medium length hair styles for women   medium length hair styles for women

Do my favorite Youtubers really love me or do they just want me to keep watch their videos??

I thought i was watching how to hairstyles not you getting dressed and putting on make up! Trust me i dont really care about u putting on your belt- love the outfitt though!

Im not trying to be mean just giving feedback on how i feel about your vid I I

medium length hair styles for women   medium length hair styles for women

What hairspray did u use or would u recommend? I tried some and seem nothing works on mine… Thank u…?

These are quick styles, but I’m a bit upset that she already had straightened and styled hair to begin with. What about a real mess? Day 2 or 3 hair, not styled, and au-natural. I’d like to see you do the same with your natural hair, Mimi.?

I luv side braid nd puff both r lookng cool nd time saving ?although ur video iz gud nd ur hair r so beautiful..?

medium length hair styles for women   medium length hair styles for women

You’ve inspired me.. I love the pony tail, turned into an updo… I love pony tails, so i can just give it an upgrade by doing something out of the norm!?

How did you create that curly hair look at first?? That kind of curly look doesn’t match your video that shows how to blow dry hair wavy. So how you achieved the look before you create the three hairstyles????

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