medium length hair styles with bangs

Can you make a video with hairstyles for people with medium or short hair? A lot of the hair styles require longer hair, but not everyone wears extensions. That would be awesome! Thanks!?

This is just perfect because I tryed it and it worked perfectely?

Honestly your hair is so perfect you could’ve just left it the way it was and looked fine haha I’m so jealous of your hair!!?

medium length hair styles with bangs   medium length hair styles with bangs

An even easier way to do the bun is to place it wear the base of the elastic is, tilt your head so that the rest of your hair covers the bun maker, smooth your hair over the bun maker so it evenly covers everything without gaps, take an elastic and carefully place it over the hair and taking the hair outside the bun, wrap it around the bun making while twisting and gathering hair, then just bobby pin as you go and of course hairspray. Do this every dance competition?

I want to make a channel called “normal girl beauty tricks” bc every beauty vid a go to the girls are gorgeous and have amazing hair to begin with?

medium length hair styles with bangs   medium length hair styles with bangs

Hahaha! Great idea ! It piss me of when youtubers make “running late videos” where they curl their hair and make really intricate up do and make up. My definition of running late, like probably the majority of normal persons is waking up 5 min before the bus arrive.?

+Alicia bergeron aubre amen lol … when I wake up late it’s hat time maybe brush teeth … do not even get me started on deodorant … it is not pretty lol?

+Rena King yeah that was kinda gross she just dressed, put on makeup and did her hair.. I’m thinking “you don’t even brush your teeth and put on deodorant??” eww ?

+Kristen225 It was an exaggeration… I was just saying that it is hard to do a ton in 5 minutes?

+Rena King yes I’m aware, but I thought it was interesting she was taking time to put on makeup but didn’t show the other “normal” things most do when they get ready in the am. Frankly, I’d just be late to work before I’d get up with only 10 minutes to get ready?

medium length hair styles with bangs   medium length hair styles with bangs

+Alicia bergeron aubre exactly. but tbh if you keep your hair in a good condition – washed, conditioned and blowdried before bed – you shouldn’t wake up with too much of a bedhead so you don’t have to curl your hair to achieve most of the these hairstyles. i say this as a person whose hair is bushy and if left unchecked, dry and frizzy, so yeah.?

She filmed a tutorial, not a documentary, I’m sure she doesn’t need to remind us that we need to brush our teeth and go to the toilet and etc.?

+Rena King we have kind of the same idea, but mine would be make up videos using inexpensive make up brands, because I can’t afford MAC, Bobbie Brown, Revlon, Urban Decay, etc. LOL?

+Jo Anne Carey Tan There actually is a channel like that. ItsJudyTime uses drugstore make-up for those people that don’t want to buy expensive brand-name products ???

yes I’m aware, but I’d brush my teeth and take care of other things before I’d worry about my hair.. That’s what a ponytail is for?

For the donut u can also put it at the top of the ponytail,put the hair around it put a hair tie,then wrap the ends and bobby pin them in

1 how do you wake up withour having to brush or curl your hail
2 on the second one it was not a high pony it was between a meidim and low pony?

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