best at home hair color

I love her very much and watch her videos all the time. My comment was done almost a year ago and I will not

continue to explain myself. I’m so happy for her success. If you cannot find anything better to do than replying

to extremely old comments than I’m sorry for you but leave me out of it please. I beg no more. Sorry I even said

anything in the first place. Damn

OMG I love Guy Tang. I went to his salon opening and he was SUPER sweet. His prices aren’t that bad either.

Unfortunately I never got to actually have him do my hair and I’ve been kicking myself for it ever since! I am

trying to save up money to do a trip to LA for him.

best at home hair color   best at home hair color

I love the new hairstyle! after seeing this I really regret cutting my hair short (it’s actually shoulder length

now) but my long hair is what made me who i was my trade mark but it’s getting there anyway

I wish I could dye my hair like that. I have naturally really dark, almost black, hair color and it would just look

weird if I dye it :(

You should set up a consultation with a really good hairstylist (someone who’s great with colors)– who knows, you

might find some new colors that works great on you. 

best at home hair color   best at home hair color

He does amazing work. Your hair looks amazing. Beach Sand is the great name for the color.

Does she have long layers cut into her hair? I can’t quite figure out what hairstyle this is.

That’s not the point -__- She has Asian descent yes. But you said you thought she was part American(or United

States) when she IS full American because this is where she is from. There is no
such thing as an American (or U.S) ethnicity because any race can be american.

best at home hair color   best at home hair color

I stay away from “bad” food 6 days of the week… but on Saturdays, then BAM.. I eat A LOT..chocolate, ice cream,

chips, candy… I cheat all day long..

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