best hair color

Wow i would love to dye my hair like that but i dont want to damage it alot.. I cant dye my hair now cause my mom

says im too young but if i could dye my hair it would be similars to Michelle

So true. You really do feel different and better about yourself when you take a change. Whether it’s your hair or

make up or clothes,shoes or working out and eating healthier…you do feel better. Btw you look so beautiful, ;)

I’ve seen you before in blog stars and let me tell you it’s fantabulous

it’s just 3 hour difference.. what jet-lag are you talking about

Whomever wrote that extremely rude email to me I have no idea what you are talking about. I have never sent a mean

email about Michelle. I love Mixhelle Phan and watch her video often. Maybe prior to sending such a horrible

message check out your sources. If you knew me personally you would feel super bad for being so unkind to me. I do

not take medication and I would give anyone who needed the shirt off my back. Again I have no idea who sent a

message using my name or you tube information but it was not me. For you to dig that deep into your bag of

unkindness is the type of behavior that makes our world what it often is. I am a 53 yo woman that has a good life

that my husband and myself have worked hard for while being extremely involved in my church and try to give back

when I can. Michelle is adorable and spreads kindness in her videos and you do not demonstrate any of those

qualities with the words you say. No need to reply the damage has already been done.

best hair color   best hair color

Your hair looks AMAZING. Guy Tang is a Master at what he does. I just found him on YouTube last night and was

hooked. How much did he charge you?, if u don’t mind me asking. I don’t live in the country but I would def love Guy

Tang to make my gaur over one day. ☺

Question, how did you change your eyebrows to match the lighter hair color. I want to do this kind of color on me

for spring/summer just with shades that fit me but I have really full, dark eyebrows and don’t want to look crazy

with the lighter shade. Let me know :)

best hair color   best hair color

Wow your hair looks absolutely amazing!!! You definitely need to keep going to see this guy for your hair colour

from now on :)

I’m loving the new hair and the health and fitness resolutions! I too went lighter with my hair color with many

blonde highlights in my hair… I’m loving it! I want to be smaller and I’m setting reasonable goals… Anyway, good

luck with your goals! They are worthwhile. :)

best hair color   best hair color

this may be a stupid question, but does he only specialize in color Asian hertiage hair texture or can he do other

races? I’m Black and I want coloring that great! You look gorgeous!:) 

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