pictures of medium length haircuts

all these styles are great and i think if you practice them when you are at home then you can quickly do them if you are running late?

I don’t know about you guys but when I wake up in the morning i don’t have perfect loose curls..i have a frizzy mess that these styles won’t fix?

I just tried the side bun and it was so easy and fast love it! :)?

omg thant is so cute my mom when she late to work she does her hair this but you are so pretty ily?

you saved my life. I was going to a party and didn’t know what to do with my hair fast. I did the first style on my straight clean your length hair. My husband and daughter loved it. I hate to take too much time on my hair or make up. thanks cutie!?

Omg I love you I want to meet you I love your accent tho I’m gonna watch this every morning for school ?


Thank you for your tutorials Mimi! They are very helpful : ) Much appreciated that you take the time to put these together, that is kind of you.
You and Alex both seem like such nice people with great advice. I am doing more hairstyles now than ever before, THANK YOU! ~~Megan?

A tip for the second hairstyle
Peirce a hole behing your ponytail and loop under and no bobby pins needed?

Wow…. finally. minute hairstyles that literally take a minute to accomplish! It’s like you know my heart girl. Always going from the snooze to the wardrobe to the mirror for a brush through and out the door. so this was just what i needed to add a little something to my work look thanks so much!! If you can do more like these i will be eternally grateful.?

pictures of medium length haircuts   pictures of medium length haircuts

I wish my hair was that easy to handle ?? i have ugly puffy curly hair which gets tangled often ???

that would work if i actually woke up with flawless curls and not bedhair because, you know, i was sleeping.?

I disliked this video because you failed to show the front part of all the hairstyles besides the bun which was my least favorite. People usually see you from the front. So next time show the hairstyles from both angles.?

Her quick hair styles and her lazy day running late styles are my look i tried effort!!! Wedding, partys hair styles ???

If your hair looks this beautiful when you wake up you don’t need to do any hairstyle :3 but i love the first one (: ?

her hair was already good when she woke up XD she didnt need to do anything with it?

I’m doing number 2 and I hope I do it so well that will be my April fools day joke on my friends tomorrow maybe?

it is really nice and pretty because she is indeed pretty:/?

pictures of medium length haircuts   pictures of medium length haircuts

This is cool!!! N really works!! Thanks MIMii!!! ???

the first one is to die for! tried it and loved it<3? Okay... So like these are all hair styles for hair that has been blow dried and curled before hand. That's why this video is bs. Like she should start with un styled hair. ? I must admit, my initial thought was, "what effin world does she live in, waking up with perfect curls to work with?" But maybe I am wrong, given that the title simply says something like "running late styles", I think she probably meant to title this video something along the lines of, "running late-because you first took forever to curl your hair to perfection-then jumped into bed to fake sleep for two seconds-styles"... sounds legit to me =)? i love the first one its completely gorgeous and iv always wanted to try it but i never new how to omg i love it abd thats the hairdo that im going to do for my talent show??????? I like the first one I also wish my hair looked that that in the mornings because I have super curly hair so it looks like a rats nest.? So much damage happens when you tease your hair like that! And is it just me but it seems like girls with shorter hair don't care if their pins show, but girls with longer hair love to hide the pins.? If my hair were that nice in the morning these hairdos would be just perfect. The problem is what I have to do until my hair is ready for the hairstyle... hahahahaha?

pictures of medium length haircuts   pictures of medium length haircuts

Her hair is already styled. I think she should have done this w/ a timer when hair is bone straight. You could prob. get away w/ using a curling wand on a few strands and making this style but it’d prob. take 10-15 minutes, just to create the basic hairstyle she already has…?

Sometimes I curl my hair at night so in the morning I touch it up and I save time so she might have done that?

I absolutely love your videos! I’ve learnt so much about styling my hair with extensions from your channel, thank you so much & don’t stop making them! :’)???

your so beautiful thanks for the awsome hairstyles they really helped me out your the best.?

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