Sorry girl

Sorry girl, and I know this was uplo.aded more than 2 years ago, but your explanation is way too unclear. I for sure know how to do the French braid but from my point of view,
your explanation doesn’t make it easy for beginners to understand. Plus the vocabulary you used is very limited and inappropriate and it doesn’t even do justice for
explanations. The reason you do tutorials is to help both with visuals and explanation but this video honestly lacks both. I saw the thumbnail of this video and it looked
interesting, hence me wanting to check it out and see how you nail a complicated looking hairstyle. I couldn’t even see very well how you did the French braid. Plus, as I’ve
mentioned before, your explanation doesn’t even amount up to an actual explanation. I know I can be a critic but I’m just being honest. No hate intended. I just feel those
beginners hoping to look for good tutorials to help them with something and ending up getting disappointed coz you wasted a few minutes watching a video meant to be a tutorial
which .

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