short haircuts

I would not do half the stuff they do for the show including shaving my hair.Thars for sure!

if you’re a girl, you would understand that getting haircuts isn’t the best experience in the world

The bitch in the orange shirt got bald. However, she flaked out at the last minute and didn’t get the haircut. So the yellow team got the 25K.

Well it’s accually it’s socity not accepting us because of the general vanity of people. Since birth we’re taught that our looks is what defines us, not our

actions and accomplichments.
However it doesn’t get to all of us, I wouldn’t really mind loosing hair that much since I would just buy myself a bunch of wigs and get a wicked skull-

tatoo. Not everyone feels the same way and it’s perfectly fine to give a damn about your looks – it’s their body and their life after all.

short haircuts,short hair cuts   short haircuts,short hair cuts

why people do this if they don’t want to…..

90% of the people i meet on a average day dont really matter to me so the only people i would really need to worry about are potential employers, otherwise

my friends and family will accept me however i look so i wouldn’t be too worried about it. plus why would someone go on the show if they were not willing to

give up their appearance, morals, or dignity.

short haircuts,short hair cuts   short haircuts,short hair cuts

I agree with you apart from the whole finger thing. Why the hell would you rather have your finger chopped off than your hair? That just sounds really

strange to me. But yeah hair isn’t just a physical thing, especially for girls. It’s a confidence issue aswell. If my hair got taken away I would be so

insecure about myself. It’s a part of me and makes me who I am. I love my hair too much. That might seem shallow and selfish to some people, but I just can’t

help it. That’s how I feel. 

thats not a very big deal at all! im a 14 year old girl and i have a sidecut, it grows back REALLY fast, within 2 months it will be fine, with the right

hairdresser she could get the new miley look. HAIR GROWS FAST.

short haircuts,short hair cuts   short haircuts,short hair cuts

that’s a stupid reason to hate a country, there are girls all over the world who care about their hair. not all girls care solely about their hair either,

and the ones that do have reason. hair doesn’t grow overnight. it’s taken me 3 years just to grow my own hair out past my shoulder, from a bob, you have to

be careful of how you style it and what you put on it or it will snap off. that’s a lot of time and effort and care you can be cutting off right there.

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