such a pretty hairstyle

This is such a pretty hairstyle. It took me a while to master it, but it was worth the time. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

Hi, my name is Lisa & I am a big fan of yours & have been for a long while now! I’m writing to ask if you have any suggestions for me. I’m in collage & taking a Speech Class, we have to give an Informative Speech in a week & I am going to bring my 14yr old daughter in (she’s got very long thick hair..just like your daughter’s) into class with me & do a demonstration on the waterfall/ladder braid. I am pretty nervous & just wanted to see if you had any tips for me. :)
I have to make sure when giving the speech/demo not to have any big pauses of silence while showing the making of the hair-doo.
Thanks so much for all your great hair idea’s! With 2 pre-teen girls, they come in so handy!!
One of your biggest fans,
Lisa Webber :)

I don’t see why you couldn’t add a third braid to it, you would just have to pull some out and feather it again like you did with first one, then end last braid the way she did the second braid. The only thing I wished I could see, is she said we are gonna stop right there, but she didn’t turn her head so can see exactly where she was stopping at the time, so will just have to make a best guess. I’ve always figured out braids on my hair since I was young to do myself, but now I have a daughter and I am looking forward to doing many things with her hair.

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