wedding haircuts for hair

How come flights I board never have stewards that look like them xD I wish I would go on a flight on Korean Airlines, I remember seeing their stewards pass in the airport they were really cute and I lost my shit in my opinion they should just have advertisements where they just show their stewards and nothing else happens that way even if they sold tickets to Chernobyl the tickets would still sold out 

OMG this is actually my first time seein the mv but that “guy” that they showed isnt that Guk Joo unnie from Roommate ? Cuz I remember in one of the episodes she dresses like that & she took part of her friend’s concert but I cant remember the singer’s ame her name is at the tip of my tongue

Personally I think Yuna has harshly fallen from grace visually. When AOA debuted she looked like a supermodel and was deemed hot enough to play one of the sexiest video game characters ever in their ‘Get Out’ MV. I thought she couldn’t be any sexier but she proved me wrong when she died her hair blonde. In the Miniskirt and Confused MVs she looks like such a slutty bitch. She looked like the kind of chick that would invite your family to her “welcome to the neighbourhood” party, the fuck your husband when you’re not looking. That shit is hot.
But then she dyed her hair and cut it and she now looks like she off to become a nun. She is so forgettable in their more recent videos and public appearances without that sex goddess, bitchy blonde look. Just goes to show how much a hairstyle can contribute to fappability

wedding hairstyles for short hair   wedding hairstyles for short hair

Chanmi is so amazing and cute.I love how their eyes are different than other Girl Groups.This song is making me addicted to them!That happen to EXO too.AOA and EXO are making me happier!(Exo wolf and AOA short hair is such great songs.)The mv’s are amazing love

What do you mean different eyes 😮 I thought all of them got double eyelids surgery

+IJulzI I think hs/e means they wear circle lenses more so that they stand out.

+IJulzI No-one in AOA has had Surgery. FNC are well known for that. If any of them have Mono-Lids then they use Eye Glue but Heran was referring to their Lenses.

wedding hairstyles for short hair   wedding hairstyles for short hair

They are beautiful but why put contact lenses? I think natural eye color is more beautiful whatever color it is. Eyes are the windows to the soul and covering them is just… I don’t get it

x3 To make it look more uhhh alluring? Idk. I personally wanna get some so mine will be the same color. But you’re right! The natural eye is more beautiful ^-^ I bet they’d look even nicer without the contacts~

Is it me or in certain close-up some members seem to be wearing contact lenses? If they are, i’m a bit disappointed :/ I mean there is nothing wrong with brown/dark brown eyes, it doesn’t change how pretty they are in my opinion!

They are wearing contacts but I hardly see how that should change your opinion of them… It’s not that they hate their eye colour they maybe just wanted to look a little different for a music video? Plus it’s the fashion over there.

yeah I might have been too harsh in my comment, you are right I can’t blame them for trying to look different in a MV :)

wedding hairstyles for short hair   wedding hairstyles for short hair

I know I’m late on this but I really like the image of female empowering this video gives. All the girls were playing roles of working women who chose to be strong and stop fitting into what they are expected to be. This is represented by the cutting of the hair, most guys want girls with long hair, and cutting it off is NOT easy, but by doing this, they prove their strenght and goes further than the physical appearance.

AoA song is so addictive! How i wish their salon was real, their hairstyle are really nice would totally love to have my hair done by them~ ^^

Not bad so far i totally loved their sexy concept, i admire how they’re able do sexy dance its not easy to do those sexy dance and stuff, if i were to do i would probably look like an idiot trying to be sexy lolol. Much salute to AoA. :)

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