buns for short hair

We girls need our hair, it adds to our beauty. Not all girls look good with a shaved head, not all girls hair grows back fast, and not everyone likes to

wear wigs or weave. Trust. we girls need our hair XD

she should instantaniously win for having to do that

Why do people think I am being this way to towards women only, when I clearly said weak humans? I don’t understand you people, do you want to find someone

to thumb down because it’s fun to gang up on someone clearly superior to most people here, or do you genuinely not understand that a person can be both male

and female. I also enforced this logic by saying I have a girlfriend and I quote “thus I do not consider her weak”.

buns for short hair   buns for short hair

The girl was still gorgeous, I hope they won.

I would do it. I mean you can get a wig plus your hair will grow back. It’s not like barbie doll hair when you cut it off it does grow back. Who knows

maybe it will grow back nicer. :) plus she did not have long hair to begin with.

what the heck are you even talking about did you even read my comment? i said that people are doing ANYTHING to get money. even do something that they DONT

want to do but only doing it for money? how the hell did you get the subject of cancer into this? WOW…. and yea why the hell would i cut my hair for money


buns for short hair   buns for short hair

considering that your hair would be in better shape after you shave it all off, she shouldn’t be sad at all :p

Are you kidding. 100 dollars is enough for a good wig, and after a few years you got your hair back,


25 fricking grand!!? Who WOULDN’T do that? Sure you hair is your identity, blah blah blah, it’s going to grow back! Plus she could try out some shorter

hairstyles and it might actually allow her to find out something new and embrace some true confidence. Hollywood actresses do this for a paycheck all the

time and no body’s laughing when you’ve got $25k in your pocket!

Hair – Lady Gaga is all I can think off.
My hair is a part of me, I would not be myself without it – also a shaved head means so much more than just hair. Illness, two people dear to me suffered

with cancer so people it’s not just hair they shave it’s their identity, and some other feelings bobble up beside it ´so be careful in how you speak. 

what can cause itching, besides scratching, is hair regrowing and the very very short strands rubbing the wig. to fix this just secure the wig better and use

witch-hazel on a wet cloth. a cotton liner can be worn under your wig, which will help absorb moisture and heat. 

buns for short hair   buns for short hair

“I look like Sigourney Weaver.”

“No you don’t, Sigourney Weaver is hot”


When the patches grow out, she will look so cute.
Short hair is really sexy on pretty girls (just gotta grow the bald spots out).

why the hell is this on fear factor? i literally cant comprehend how anybody could possibly think this is something to be fearful of.

I would start bawling my eyes out

to XinQian yeap.. i see nothing so brave in cutting your hair for 25 000? and she had short hair anyways. and to 5324er: no she cant shes a blonde 😀

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