feria hair color

I felt the same way, back in May i was so tired, i even collapsed during my finals, it was awful. I decided it was

enough. i’ve done some changes, i became vegan, eat fruits and veggies, i avoid sugar and everything, i go swim. i

thought it was gonna be hard at first, but actually it was not that hard! Now i feel so much better! I feel like i’m

living again! my skin radiant.

By the way i love your hair, gorgeous. Thank for this video! Hugs from france! 

i love your new style + thanks for every thing michelle it was really nice from you if you dont want to talk to me

online or by camera well it is fine any way i will always love you cause i am your true fan

feria hair color   feria hair color

You’re right, it is ombre but it’s not the terrible kind you see. He did do an ombre but in a really special and

thought out way. It really did frame her face and it was more of like a gradient of each section of hair instead of

just her whole head, having the same amount of gradient. She was just explaining how it was done because it

definitely isn’t just any other ombre. 

Can you show us how to curl your hair cuz I’m trying to like everyday curl it like you but I fail miserably! Thks!

I like how she is excited to show us her hair,she makes her viewers feels like they are her close friend. 

feria hair color   feria hair color

Hi guys!! Please dont think this is spam!!! I am new to beauty!! I have an ipsy account and i have made this

channel to get lots of veiws, get paid, and halp my family.. I am 12 and i love fashion!! Give me a chance? Thanks!

Sorry if i wasted your time

Dude, come on, who are you kidding? Look at videos dated back to 2009, she wasn’t overweight, she was slim. Her

build is slim because she is Vietnamese. She is only working out to get shaped, toning for curves. And let me tell

you if my tonal workouts made my chin pointy, I’d stop them. She has definately broken her jaw or had jaw shaving

surgery, as well as thinned her nose and reduced her cheek mass. It’s sad because I think the money and fame has

really gotten to her head. Very superficial!

feria hair color   feria hair color

Love your new hair colour, I’m going to tell my regular hair salon to help me lighten my hair hopefully just like

yours :) And thanks for sharing your health tips, I want to get healthier too.

Not exactly. Beach sand is the actual COLOUR ombre is the style that it is dyed.

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