prom hairstyles for long hair

about “prom hairstyles for long hair”

Chloe Day say:
Me and my sister Jasmyne like it because when you do the french plate in your hair like Elsa’s it looked very very very very bautiful by the way whitch is so so so so so so so so so so bautiful.

Lena Ramsamuj say:
I love your version of this hairstyle the most because it closely resembles Elsa’s hairstyle and its so beautiful and wearable 

Mari Ja say:
im sorry for this questions. .but why are u fake smiling? its horrible :(

formal hairstyles for long hair   formal hairstyles for long hair

Miss Chine say:
Really nice hair style! Thanks for sharing!

Coco nut say:

Jillian Sanders say:
You literally saved my prom night because the other hairstyle kept falling down and i was in a rush to find another perfect hairdo. This was amazing thank u

formal hairstyles for long hair   formal hairstyles for long hair

Mir Gaming (Mirdrawing) say:
Omggggg love this! You should play elsa in the musicals! 

whataboutredlorry say:
I like how fishtail braids look, but I hate how long they take. I can never be bothered doing a long one. :< formal hairstyles for long hair   formal hairstyles for long hair

Anuja Ghosh say:
Can you please tell me how to get rid of dandruff? I’m from India(love your tutorials) and i have this frizz hair + dandruff problem ever since my teenage years. I’ve tried lemon juice with coconut oil and also curd with honey but none of them seemed to work. Can you please make a video on this?

Thatgirl345 say:
Me too. Have you tried ACV rinse?
They say it helps but i haven’t tried yet.

Allison Is My Middle Name say:
side swept braid. I’m so trying that.

Sonal Das say:
Love this hairstyle can u tell , about how you can style your bangs.

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